Spikyjumper is me, Jake Peet.
The word came from an early childhood nickname given to me by my father who was something of a hippy. Now it is a unique and memorable brand identity.

I'm an integrated Graphic Designer with foundations rooted in technical and creative artworking for print and digital. I have years of experience with the process, production and delivery of assets, from set-up to quality control to delivery – I welcome hearing from talent agents. 

I can work directly with you as my client too – if you're a start-up and need logos, identity, branding, launch materials, sales collateral, social tiles, a website design and so on. Or if you're an established enterprise needing new items to be designed, re-branded, re-skinned, updated or maybe you're rolling out a campaign and just need someone to produce the assets, drop me a note, I'd be very interested to hear from you.

I studied General Art & Design at Reigate School of Art followed by Editorial & Advertising Photography at the Kent Institute of Art & Design — now UCA.

Click an icon to download a copy of my CV or to visit my LinkedIn page so you can read all about my experience.

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