Spikyjumper is me, Jake Peet. The word came from an early childhood nickname given to me by my father who was something of a hippy. Now it is a unique and memorable brand identity.

I studied General Art & Design at Reigate School of Art followed by Editorial & Advertising Photography at the Kent Institute of Art & Design — now UCA.


I have nearly 20 years experience in the studios of various marketing and advertising agencies such as Ogilvy and OLIVER as well as a range of independents too. My career started in digital imaging consultancy, expanding through marketing and on to artworking and then design. 


I've created, implemented and managed studio processes that include workflow, colour management and quality control. Today I'm a fully Integrated Designer, switching seamlessly between print, digital and motion graphics.


My photographs are an observation of the person, place or thing that caught my eye — some of them commissioned and paid for some of them just because. 

​I also photograph weddings professionally, take a look at my wedding photography website if that interests you or if you or someone you know is getting married. 

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